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Medical student renewal starts July 20

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July Messenger 2022 | Posted July 14, 2022
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Annual renewal for medical students runs from July 20 to Aug. 31, 2022. Mark your calendars and complete your Renewal Information Form (RIF) on time to keep your practice permit active and continue participating in your medical training program.

Completing your RIF is also a valuable opportunity to stay connected with CPSA, ensure we have your up-to-date contact information and provide important details regarding your health and training.

Watch your email in the coming weeks or log in to your CPSA Portal to complete your RIF. Thank you for your continued dedication to your training and the medical profession.

Why do we ask about your health conditions on the RIF?

Collecting information about your health is important because it allows CPSA to ensure you have supports in place to take care of yourself and effectively manage your health condition(s). Given the correlation between your health and the care you provide to your patients, gathering information about your health also helps us fulfill our legislative mandate of protecting the public. Learn more about self-reporting and CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP), including what happens when you report a health condition.

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