Apply for Postgraduate Training in Alberta

All medical learners in Alberta are expected to register with CPSA.

Information about postgraduate training

All medical learners in Alberta are expected to register with CPSA. During this time in your medical career, your registration with us helps you adjust to the responsibilities of being part of the medical profession. This includes staying on top of professional developments, consulting on CPSA Standards of Practice, reflecting on your practice and completing permit renewal forms.

If you are interested in an Alberta residency, fellowship or elective program, you need approval from one of Alberta’s medical schools before CPSA can register you. We work closely with both Alberta medical schools to help make this process seamless for you!

There is a one-time fee of $400 for the duration of your program and $100 for out-of-province elective registrations.

Your postgraduate medical education (PGME) office will be able to let you know about available programs.

University of Alberta PGME office

Phone: 1-780-492-9722

University of Calgary PGME office

Phone: 1-403-210-7984

Apply to a PGME Program

Once you’ve been accepted to your program, your university will add your name to our postgraduate tracking system and follow up with you by email about all the important information you need to know about post-graduate training.

If your postgraduate training requires you to provide medical services as part of your training, you might need additional physician extender registration. Learn more about physician extender registration.

Apply for CPSA Registration

Once you’re enrolled in your postgraduate training program, your PGME Program will help you register for CPSA Postgraduate Registration.

Before you apply to us:

If any details of your program change, including the start date and/or end date, please contact your PGME office directly.

Postgraduate training FAQs

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How do I know if CPSA received all my documents?

You can check the status of your application in the Postgraduate Tracking System and learn which documents we have received. It takes about 2 business days for new information to show up on the tracking page after we receive it.

I already did an elective in Alberta and am returning for another. Do I have to complete the entire registration process again?

If you were already registered in Alberta for an elective, you do not have to reapply or pay a registration fee. You need to:

Ask your university to update CPSA with your new elective dates.
Send CPSA a Certificate of Professional Conduct.
Send CPSA a new criminal record check or police certificate from every jurisdiction you have ever lived (90+ days) within 10 years of your CPSA application or dating back to your 18th birthday. We do not need a vulnerable sector check, but will accept one if it is a part of your criminal record check.

What happens when my registration is complete?

Once CPSA receives all your documents, if you are eligible for registration, you will get a confirmation email with your new CPSA registration number. This is the identification we use for all our future interactions with you. We’ll also send you an email to let you know when your permit is available in our secure physician portal for you to access.

What is is the tool that all physicians are required to use to apply for practice in Canada, standardizes the application process for medical registration in Canada. CPSA only accepts applications through

Through your account, you can

  • apply for any Medical Council of Canada (MCC) exams
  • view your exam results
  • submit your credentials and documents
  • have your credentials translated (if they need to be)
  • share your credentials and exam results with CPSA or any other medical authority
  • submit a Review of Qualifications to CPSA

Where do I get a Certificate of Professional Conduct / Certificate of Standing?

You must obtain a Certificate of Professional Conduct / Certificate of Standing from all the jurisdictions in which you were registered and practising medicine. These documents come from a licensing body, not from a university.

Why can't I log on to the tracking system?

Please note that your username is no longer your tracking number. Please use the email address

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