CPSA accredits private and public neurodiagnostic testing facilities where diagnostic tests are provided by physicians.

About neurodiagnostics

Neurodiagnostic testing accreditation standards promote patient safety and quality care in facilities performing EEG, Tele-EEG, EMG and EP.

CPSA accredits private and public neurodiagnostic testing facilities where diagnostic services are provided by physicians. We develop best-practice standards and conduct on-site assessments when facilities open and reassess on a 4-year cycle. We also reassess if a facility adds a new service, renovates, moves, or if a concern is brought forward.

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Apply for physician approval

Physicians have to meet specific qualifications and have CPSA approval to interpret neurodiagnostic tests or be a medical director of a neurodiagnostic testing facility in Alberta. These qualifications vary depending on the physician’s speciality and the type of tests they will interpret.

Information for new facilities

Register a new facility

If you would like to offer neurophysiology testing (EEG, EMG or EP) in your facility, you need to get an assessment and CPSA accreditation before opening. When your facility is ready to start testing, let us know and we’ll schedule and perform an on-site assessment to either accredit you or ask you to make some improvements. It costs $300 +GST to register a new facility. See more information about facility annual fees and assessment fees.

Information for accredited facilities

Changes to your facility?

Are you planning to…

  • move your facility?
  • close your facility?
  • change the name of your facility?
  • change your medical director?
  • renovate?
  • change facility owners?
  • change the contact information for your facility?

Has your facility experienced…

  • theft?
  • power loss?
  • a natural disaster?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to notify us by filling out our Change to an Accredited Facility form.

Neurodiagnostics fees

Learn more about facility registration fees, annual fees, assessment fees and post-renovation/facility relocation assessment fees.


About our standards

CPSA accreditation standards are developed based on input from field experts, best practices and research identified by other regulators, standard setting bodies and industry associations.

Review the CPSA Neurodiagnostic Standards:

Request a standard revision

Do you have a suggestion to improve the accreditation standards for neurodiagnostics? Complete and submit the Standards Revision Request Form. We review our standards every year to ensure they meet current best practices. Your request will be reviewed at this time and a CPSA representative will follow up with you about your feedback.

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