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The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is Alberta's physician regulator and responsible for overseeing the practice of medicine in Alberta. Alberta’s Health Professions Act (HPA) grants the privilege of profession-led regulation, which is carried out by CPSA.

Media Inquiries

At CPSA, we feel it’s important to be transparent about our business and consistent with the information we provide. We hope the details below will give you some insight into our organization, what our role is within Alberta’s healthcare system and what kind of information we can provide when you are researching news stories.

If you have any questions about CPSA, please reach out to us at any time, using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to working with you.

  • Backgrounder. Find out more about CPSA and our core functions.
  • Glossary. Some frequently-used terms about CPSA’s governance and disciplinary process.
  • Statistics. Numbers on CPSA’s physician resources and complaints.
  • Annual Report. Each year, we report on our activities (including regulatory statistics and financials) to the provincial government.

If you are a member of the media and have any questions, or would like to be added to our media distribution list, please send us a note using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Media FAQs

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Are members of the media allowed to attend a disciplinary hearing?

In most cases, hearings are open to the public as per the Health Professions Act. Anyone interested in observing a hearing should contact CPSA’s Hearings Director’s Office for more information. Please note, there are circumstances outlined in the Health Professions Act which permit the Tribunal to close the hearing to the public.

How can I find out whether a specific physician has a complaint history with CPSA?

If a hearing is scheduled, a notice with the charges listed will be published to CPSA’s website on the physician’s public-facing profile, which can be found via our Find a Physician tool. Each profile has a Disciplinary Actions tab, under which any hearing notices and Hearing Tribunal decisions are published. This information is also accessible via the Hearings and Discipline Decisions pages on our website.

Hearing notices are unpublished from a physician’s profile once the hearing process is concluded, while Tribunal decisions are available for 10 years. If the hearing was related to sexual abuse or misconduct (effective April 1, 2019), applicable decisions will remain on the physician’s profile indefinitely.

How long does it take for a Hearing Tribunal to issue their decision?

It depends on the complexity of the complaint and the evidence presented at the hearing.

Under the Health Professions Act, a Hearing Tribunal must deliver their written decision “within a reasonable time after the conclusion of a hearing”. A specific timeframe is not required.

I am a reporter and would like information from CPSA for a story. Who should I contact?

Members of the media can submit questions or inquiries to CPSA’s Communications team.

Please note, CPSA is unable to reach out to community physicians to facilitate media requests. If you would like to interview a physician for a story, please use the Find a Physician tool on CPSA’s website to find one in your area who may be willing to help.

What information can be shared about a physician complaint?

Under legislation (Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act), CPSA is unable to disclose information related to matters that may be under investigation, and cannot speak publicly about a complaint unless it has gone through a formal hearing.

Where can I find details about a disciplinary hearing?

If a physician or physician assistant is currently involved in the hearings process, a notice with the date of the hearing and charges will be published on CPSA’s website.

CPSA cannot comment on specifics, beyond what is published in the hearing notice, until the hearing has taken place and the Tribunal has delivered their decision in writing.

Once a written hearing decision is received, a release is distributed to the media and the decision is published on our website.

Upcoming hearings

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Under the Health Professions Act, a hearing is open to the public unless the hearing tribunal directs it be closed. If you’d like to attend a hearing you must pre-register.

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Hearing Notices

These physicians are currently involved in CPSA’s hearing process.


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Andrea Garland, Director, Communications
Phone: 780-969-5019

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