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CPSA works together with physicians across Alberta to provide patients with excellent care.

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As part of our responsibility to protect the public, CPSA works with physicians to ensure patients are getting the high level of quality care they need and deserve.

We do this by working collaboratively with the profession and by offering a variety of programs and resources to help physicians in their practice.

"Our Continuing Competence program continues to evolve based on input from our partners, emerging evidence and best practices in regulation."

- Dr. Dawn Hartfield, CPSA Assistant Registrar

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CPSA’s Standards of Practice, the Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics & Professionalism will guide your behaviours in practice and are enforceable under the Health Professions Act (HPA).

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As a physician, you have the training, skills and intention to provide safe patient care, but at some point or another in your medical career, you may receive a complaint. This is not always a bad thing—in fact, it can often result in positive practice changes.

Physician FAQs

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Do I need to register with TPP Alberta in order to prescribe other Opiate Agonist Therapies (OATs), such as methadone?

Yes. Registration with TPP Alberta and use of the secure TPP Alberta prescription form is required when prescribing methadone and other OATs.

How can I hire a physician assistant?

The Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) posts physician assistant (PA) positions on their website free of charge for employers. CAPA can also email job advertisements to their Canada-wide membership (~700 PAs) for a fee of $250. See more information.

Is cannabis for medical purposes monitored by TPP Alberta?

TPP Alberta collects data on cannabis for medical purposes for CPSA’s Cannabis for Medical Purposes Program.

Physicians are required to submit the Patient Medical Document to CPSA within 7 days of its completion.

Is diphenoxylate a monitored drug for veterinary practices?

No, dipehnoxylate is not monitored by TPP Alberta. Veterinary practices do not need to report prescribing for diphenoxylate (brand name: Lomotil).

These scripts do not need to be sent in for manual data entry. For details, please contact ABVMA.

What peer group am I compared against?

You were placed in the comparator group containing the specialty you provided in your most recent Renewal Information Form (RIF).

If you are a member of a Primary Care Network (PCN), you now also receive information on your opioids and benzodiazepines prescribing practices comparative to the other physicians in your PCN. This offers reflection on your prescribing relative to colleagues with the most similar practice environment to yours (acknowledging there will still be some variations in practice, such as part‐time vs. full‐time practice, patient complexities, etc.).

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