Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination

Our role, our commitment

Racism and discrimination continue to exist in health care, impacting the health, wellbeing and care experiences of patients, their caregivers and health professionals.

Racism and discrimination violate the Alberta Human Rights Act, CPSA’s Code of Ethics & Professionalism and for CPSA’s regulated members, constitutes unprofessional conduct. CPSA has a responsibility to acknowledge this reality and take tangible action towards meaningful and lasting change.

CPSA stands firmly against racism and discrimination in all forms. All patients have the right to feel safe when seeking health care, and all health professionals have the right to feel safe in their workplaces.

Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination Action Advisory Committee

Established in 2021, this committee provides advice to CPSA on disrupting racism and discrimination within health care in Alberta. This committee includes regulated members, learners and CPSA Council members—some who have experienced racism and discrimination, as well as others who support this work. There are plans to further engage community members as this committee evolves.

Micro-aggression training for physicians

In 2023, CPSA, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) partnered to create an online training course for physicians about micro-aggressions. With a goal of positioning Alberta’s physicians as leaders in addressing racism in healthcare settings, this course will help regulated members understand what micro-aggressions are, how to recognize them, why they are harmful, and how to respond.

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