Policies & Policy Statements

We have a number of policies that define the scope and responsibility of our Council, as well as the operations of specific program areas. We will also occasionally create shorter policy statements to share our direction on pressing issues with Albertans.

Council policies

Financial policies

Honoraria & Expense Policy

Publication policies

Publication of Hearing Tribunal Decisions & Criminal Charges

Registration policies

Physician Health Monitoring (PHMP) policies

We want to ensure you have the supports you need to balance your health needs with your clinical responsibilities. Our work is informed by policies developed by the Physician Health Monitoring Committee (PHMC).

We are currently updating our policies. We will continue to provide links as the documents are finalized.

Medical conditions affecting practice (general information)

Substance use disorders

Biological monitoring (currently under review)

  • Biological Monitoring Maintenance and Monitoring Program
  • Missed Screens
  • Role of the Drug Testing Review Consultant
  • Spoiled Screens
  • Supervised Urine Collections – Protocol

Mental health conditions (currently under review)

  • Complex Psychiatric Health Situations

Blood borne infections

Questions about any of the above PHMP policies?

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