Register X-ray & Mammography Equipment

In addition to developing accreditation standards and assessing facilities, CPSA registers x-ray and mammography equipment.

About registering x-ray & mammography equipment

Designated radiation equipment emits radiation. Whenever a radiation-emitting device has potentially harmful effects, Section 291.7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Code says it needs to be registered. This includes:

  • diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray equipment
  • therapy simulator equipment
  • particle accelerators
  • analytical and cabinet x-ray equipment
  • Class 3B and 4 lasers where medical services are under a CPSA licensed physician

In Alberta, CPSA is responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of radiation health services for public and community facilities, public dental facilities, medical education facilities, some podiatry facilities and the Office of the Medical Examiner. We ensure x-ray, laser and mammography equipment in Alberta has been appropriately tested and meets legislated requirements. We register and re-certify equipment, keep a database of registered equipment and follow up on equipment safety concerns when necessary.

Register your equipment

Before designated radiation equipment can be used, you need to register each piece of equipment with us and get a CPSA certificate.

Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency reports

After you apply for registration with CPSA, you need to contact an Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency to arrange onsite testing for each piece of x-ray equipment.

If they find your equipment is safe to use, they’ll send CPSA a compliance verification report for each piece of equipment. You may also need the Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency to assess room shielding. If this is the case, they will prepare a second report to send us. We need these reports to complete your registration.

Once we review your form(s) and the Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency report(s), we’ll determine if we can register your equipment. If we send you a registration certificate, you can start using your equipment. Make sure you keep a copy of the original certificate on-site at the facility in which your equipment is registered.

Re-certify existing equipment

Within the year before your CPSA certificate expires for your x-ray equipment, you need to have your equipment re-inspected by an Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency.

When the Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency sends us an updated report, we’ll issue you a new certificate.

Mammography equipment

Within the year before your CPSA mammography equipment certificate expires, you need to secure a renewal certificate and an accreditation final report from CAR-MAP (Canadian Association of Radiologists – Mammography Accreditation Program).

We’ll then be able to issue you a renewed CPSA certificate with an expiry date that matches CAR-MAP’s.

Equipment owner checklist

As the owner of x-ray equipment, you’re responsible for registering and retesting your equipment, paying fees and letting CPSA know about any changes to your equipment.

Keep this checklist handy so you’re aware of your responsibilities as an owner of x-ray equipment.

Changes to your facility?

If you are you modifying your x-ray equipment or facility, moving your x-ray equipment to a new spot in your facility or taking your equipment out of service, please let us know by filling out our notification of change form. If your facility Canadian Association of Radiologists Mammography Accreditation Program (CAR-MAP) status has changed, contact us right away.

X-ray equipment fees

Learn more about facility registration and annual fees.

X-ray FAQs

All FAQs

Can I submit CPSA equipment registration applications to an Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency?

No. Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agencies are only responsible for confirming your equipment is compliant with regulations. Submit your registration application to CPSA.

Does temporary/loaner x-ray equipment require registration?

Yes. CPSA will also place restrictions on the your registration certificate for temporary or loaner equipment.

How do I know when equipment certification is expiring?

All certificates have an expiry date. Owners must get their equipment re-tested, re-certified, and have a new certificate issued before the expiration date.

What happens if an Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency says our facility equipment is non-compliant?

If your equipment is non-compliant, it must not be used. We put a stop on your equipment registration/re-certification until the Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency notifies us that your facility and/or equipment is compliant.

What happens if equipment is not re-certified by the expiry date on the certificate?

Owners can contact the CPSA prior to the expiration date to request a one-time only 60 day extension. If equipment is not re-certified, the equipment will not be registered and operation would be in direct contravention of the OHS Act and the Government of Alberta Radiation Program. Contraventions are escalated to the Radiation Program, Occupational Health and Safety Program Delivery Branch, Government of Alberta and are subject to investigation.

What types of facilities are eligible to register X-ray equipment with CPSA?

Medical imaging facilities, public dental facilities, podiatry offices, the Office of the Medical Examiner, and both Alberta technical colleges register their equipment with CPSA.


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