Diagnostic Imaging

CPSA assesses and accredits Alberta's diagnostic imaging facilities. We promote quality and safety standards.

About DI accreditation

CPSA promotes quality imaging practices and safety by setting facility accreditation standards for diagnostic imaging (DI) services, personnel and equipment. Our DI accreditation process is a peer-review process that ensures DI in Alberta is reliable, consistent and safe.

We conduct on-site assessments when facilities open and reassess on a 4-year cycle. We also reassess if a facility adds a new imaging service, renovates, moves, or if a concern is brought forward. Lastly, all physicians who want to perform or interpret DI need approval for certain imaging modalities.

Want to know if your nearest DI facility has CPSA Accreditation? Email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Information for new facilities

Assessing new facilities

We assess new facilities before they open to the public. Facilities have to register with us to start the process.

Register a new facility

If you would like to open a facility that offers diagnostic imaging, you need to get an assessment and CPSA accreditation before opening. When your facility is ready to start imaging, let us know and we’ll schedule and perform an on-site assessment to either accredit you or ask you to make some improvements. It costs $300 +GST to register a new facility. See more information about facility annual fees and assessment fees.

If you’re the medical director of a new facility and you’ve already registered with us, we strongly recommend reviewing the Program Guide for New & Relocating Facilities to prepare for your assessment.

Information for existing facilities

Assessing facilities that are already accredited

We also assess accredited facilities every four years, after major facility changes or when a facility adds a new type of imaging to their services. This helps ensure they still meet our robust quality standards.

Changes to your facility?

Are you planning to…

  • move your facility?
  • close your facility?
  • change the name of your facility?
  • offer a new type of new testing?
  • change your medical director?
  • change facility owners?
  • change the contact information for your facility?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to notify us by filling in the form below. We’ll review the information you share and let you know if you need to be re-assessed or if we need more information. To learn more about CPSA’s 4-year re-accreditation cycle, download the Accreditation Program Guide.

Apply to perform and interpret DI services

Some DI modalities have different training and approval requirements, all of which must be met before a physician can perform or interpret DI services.

Currently undergoing assessment?

Transfer files and documents safely and securely via SharePoint. Log in using your CPSA-provided credentials.

About our standards

CPSA accreditation standards are the basis for all accreditation decisions. We develop our standards with the help of the radiology, cardiology and quality systems experts. The standards are also informed by best practices, legislation, relevant International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards and other recognized provincial, national and international standards. We review them every year to make sure they are current. Every four years, all standards also go out for consultation with our key stakeholders.

While accreditation decisions are made by the CPSA Medical Facility Accreditation Committee, CPSA Council approves all of our accreditation standards.

Request a standard revision

Do you have a suggestion to improve the accreditation standards for DI? Complete and submit the Standards Revision Request Form. We review our standards every year to ensure they meet current best practices. Your request will be reviewed at this time and a CPSA representative will follow up with you about your feedback.

Diagnostic imaging fees

Learn more about facility registration fees, annual fees, assessment fees and post-renovation/facility relocation assessment fees.

Become a CPSA assessor

We’re always looking for medical radiation technologists and sonographers as Accreditation Assessors. Use your knowledge and expertise to facilitate patient safety, quality imaging practices professional development opportunities and compensation.

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