Council Elections

Getting involved means making a difference—to patients and to other physicians.

About Council elections

Each year, CPSA’s regulated members elect new members to Council to replace those who retire or have served their maximum terms. Councillors can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (six years total).

Key dates in 2021

Voting is now closed

"Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Cardinal and returning councillor Dr. Jaelene Mannerfeldt. "

- Three-year terms for these councillors start January 1, 2022.

CPSA thanks all the nominees, and everyone else who took the time to participate by nominating a colleague, joining our meet the nominee event and/or voting!

Eligibility requirements

A regulated member on the General Register, the Provisional Register or the Limited Practice Register (whether a physician, surgeon, osteopath or physician assistant) may stand for nomination, nominate a colleague and vote in the election if:

  • no fees, costs, fines, assessments, levies or any other sums are owing by the member to CPSA;
  • the member has a valid and current practice permit that is not currently suspended; and
  • the member is in compliance with all orders or directions made pursuant to the Health Professions Act.

A regulated member is not eligible to be nominated for or elected as a member of Council if:

  • the member is currently subject to certain undertakings, conditions imposed under section 55 or 65, or directions under section 118 of the Health Professions Act; or
  • has been formally charged with unprofessional conduct that has not yet been determined by a Hearing Tribunal; or
  • has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct within the preceding 10 years; or
  • has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct related to sexual abuse, misconduct or any sexual boundary violation at any time in any jurisdiction, including outside of Canada; or
  • is elected to federal or provincial public office; occupies a senior position (Assistant Deputy Minister or higher) with the Government of Alberta; is a senior member or officer of a Regional Health Authority; or as their primary responsibility in the course of their employment represents an organization in collective bargaining or in proceedings under a collective bargaining agreement with regulated members, where those proceedings negotiate or set fees charged by regulated members for professional services, unless they cease to have those positions and five years have passed from the date of the election.

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