Medical Clinics

CPSA supports medical clinics in delivering safe, quality care to patients.

Safe, quality patient care

When Albertans visit a medical clinic, they expect high-quality care in a safe space. CPSA offers guidance to medical clinics on infection prevention, practice improvement, Standards of Practice and more, all aimed at supporting them in delivering safe, quality care to patients.

CPSA creates standards, guidelines and resources for medical clinics to help protect both patients and clinic staff from the risk of infection. We oversee both Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) in medical clinics.

Physician responsibility

Physicians are responsible for the direction and function of their medical clinic practices. As part of our commitment to providing continuing competence programs for physicians, we may also recommend that physicians and/or their staff participate in additional training if our assessors find that a clinic’s IPAC or MDR practices need to improve.

Want to learn more? Review CPSA’s Responsibility for a Medical Practice Standard of Practice.


Opening, building or renovating a medical clinic

Opening and managing a medical clinic is complex. To help, we have prepared a high-level guide to help you get started on the journey to opening the doors of your medical clinic in Alberta, taking into account some of the elements you’ll need to keep in mind as you work towards welcoming your first patient and beyond.

This resource is a useful reference for medical clinics in Alberta that don’t require accreditation and is intended for clinic owners, managers and staff, as well as construction and design teams.

How we support medical clinics and their patients

Medical clinic assessments

CPSA assessors regularly perform on-site clinic reviews to make sure clinics meet best practices in IPAC and MDR. We also work closely with our partners at Alberta Health Services to investigate and resolve IPAC-related public concerns.

Competence assessment rules for physicians

Under our competence program, we identify and work with physicians who may require an assessment, practice changes or improvements through further education.

When a physician undergoes a competence assessment, there are rules that must be followed by both the physician and CPSA.

IPAC Committee

CPSA works with a multi-disciplinary team of provincial IPAC experts and practising physicians to develop our IPAC and MDR standards, review our assessors’ notes from clinic visits and determine whether a clinic receives a CPSA certificate for medical device reprocessing or if the physicians in charge need more training and resources to help them meet our expectations. They direct and advise us on preventing the transmission of infectious disease in medical clinics.

Medical clinic registration

Registration is now available for all Alberta medical clinics

We have launched a clinic registry to help us offer consistent guidance and support to medical clinics across Alberta, at no cost to clinics.

Who should register?

Your clinic should register with CPSA if:

  • at least 1 CPSA-registered physician practises in the location, and
  • your clinic is not owned by a provincial or federal authority.

Clinics that share space and resources with a CPSA-accredited facility should also register with CPSA.

Do you work in a diagnostic or surgical facility? See our information about facility accreditation.

Once registered, medical clinics will receive confirmation from CPSA.

Once registered, medical clinics will receive confirmation from CPSA. Questions? Not sure if your clinic meets the criteria? Let us know.

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