Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

To promote safe, high-quality health care, CPSA assesses and accredits facilities in Alberta that provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

About psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy accreditation

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy may be a part of a comprehensive care plan for patients with certain psychiatric disorders. Under the Mental Health Services Protection Regulation, this therapy must be provided within a CPSA-accredited medical facility by a psychiatrist or a physician in consultation with a psychiatrist.


Information for new psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy facilities

Assessing new facilities

We assess new facilities before they open to the public. Facilities have to register with us to start the process.

Apply to be accredited

If you would like your facility to provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, it must first be assessed and accredited by CPSA. When your facility is ready to start providing this therapy, let us know and we’ll schedule and perform an on-site assessment to either accredit you or ask you to make some improvements.

If you’re a medical director of a new facility and you’ve already registered with us, we recommend reviewing the Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy New Facility Accreditation Program Guide to prepare for your assessment.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy fees

Learn more about facility registration fees, annual fees, assessment fees and post-renovation/facility relocation assessment fees.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy FAQs

All FAQs

Does a patient need a referral for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy?

Yes, patients require a referral from their physician to be treated at a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy facility.

How do I get SharePoint access for my psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy facility assessment?

If you’re currently involved in the assessment process, you should have received credentials from CPSA to access a confidential SharePoint site where all your assessment information is stored and shared with you. Lost your credentials? Contact

How do I get a copy of the psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy standards?

The standards are available to facilities once they have registered for assessment.

What should I expect during an assessment of my psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy facility?

You can continue caring for patients while your facility is being assessed by a CPSA Assessment Coordinator, who will be in and out of your facility during the day. You may find it helpful to have an extra person on staff during your assessment. To make the process as smooth as possible, we also collect information about your facility before your assessment.

About our standards

CPSA accreditation standards are based on input from field experts, best practices and research by other regulators, standard-setting bodies and industry associations. Access the standards by registering your facility for assessment.

While accreditation decisions are made by the CPSA Medical Facility Accreditation Committee, CPSA Council approves all of our accreditation standards.

If you are the medical director of an accredited facility, or if your facility is undergoing accreditation, you may access our standards through our secure SharePoint site.

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