Information for Physician Assistants

Proud to regulate the PA profession

April 1, 2021, was an exciting and proud day for CPSA as we officially welcomed Alberta’s physician assistants (PAs) to CPSA regulation.

As a PA, you will continue to practise under physician supervision and like our physician members, you will have to pay annual fees, hold liability insurance and follow CPSA’s Standards of Practice. You will also be responsible for complying with our continuing competence requirements.

For decades, PAs have played a key role in supporting physicians and patient care, and we look forward to working more closely with you in the years ahead.

We encourage you look at the following information and browse our entire website to learn about CPSA, and our programs and services.

"Thank you for bringing your unique skills and expertise to help care for Alberta patients."

- Dr. Scott McLeod, CPSA Registrar

Standards of Practice

CPSA’s Standards of Practice are the minimum standards of behaviour and conduct we will expect from all physicians and physician assistants practising in Alberta. When we develop or update standards, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback via our consultation process.

Like physicians, you are responsible for ensuring you understand our standards, and how to meet them in your practice. We currently have over 40 standards of practice.

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