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Renewal information form: FAQs

CPSA, Physician Assistants, Physicians | Posted December 22, 2023

We have received a few questions regarding the practice location section within the main renewal information form (RIF).

Canada Post Tool:

In support of data consistency and accuracy for the Physician Search tool and CPSA records, you will be required to re-enter your primary practice location, and, if applicable, additional practice locations using a Canada Post search function.

Here are some tips for using this tool:

  • Once you click to add your primary practice location, type your physical practice location address in the first fillable field that says, “Start typing to search…”.
  • Once you enter the physical address of your practice location, a drop-down menu will be generated with similar addresses. Click on the accurate address to automatically fill out all address fields below.
  • Make sure to enter physical addresses only – entering a clinic name may not generate results. If the physical address you enter does not generate accurate results in the drop down menu, please enter your practice’s corresponding PO Box, if applicable.

Still having trouble locating your practice location:

We understand some people are experiencing issues with locating their address. If your address will not pull up, please use CPSA’s address (shown below) as a placeholder to enable you to continue your RIF. If you use CPSA’s address, after completing your RIF, please email with your name, registration number and your correct practice location so that we can update the information. A member of our team will confirm when your address has been updated.

2700-10020 100 St NW

Practice location registration & Clinic Registry ID:

For your clinic to be registered with CPSA, someone working in your clinic (e.g., the medical director or clinic manager) would have initiated the clinic registry process within the past year. Once registered, medical clinics receive a Clinic Registry ID, a 5-digit number starting with the number 2.

As the CPSA clinic registry just launched this year, your clinic may not be registered yet. If you are not sure about whether your clinic is registered or not, or of the registration number, please select “I do not know” on your RIF to proceed.

Learn more about clinic registration

Technical support:

Please note our office will be closed from 4:15 p.m. on Dec. 22, 2023 through Jan. 1, 2024. If you run into technical issues, please email with your registration number, information about the issue you are experiencing and screenshots if possible. If you started but could not complete your general renewal and you reached out to us before Jan. 1, your practice permit will remain active, late fees will be waived, and we will respond to assist you as soon as possible upon our return.

Fill out your RIF by Dec. 31, 2023

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