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CPSA requires independent medical examiners and organizations providing health and biological monitoring

Who can be a service provider?

CPSA’s Health & Practice Conditions Monitoring (HPCM) program is seeking independent third-parties who provide the following services:

  • Independent medical examinations (IMEs)
  • Health monitoring
  • Biological monitoring

Individual physicians, and organizations with at least one regulated member on staff, with experience conducting guideline-driven IMEs in evidence-based health and/or biological monitoring who meet CPSA’s criteria and competencies, can apply to be a service provider.

CPSA will only accept IMEs and monitoring services from providers that meet the established and outlined criteria for evidence-based practice. Please review the criteria, competencies and duties in full via the links below:

It is the responsibility of the individual physician service provider to identify and mitigate any dual agency concerns. The regulated member undergoing an assessment and/or monitoring, in consultation with legal counsel or the Alberta Medical Association’s Physician and Family Support Program, should make the decision on their choice for the most appropriate IME and/or monitoring provider. For example, the individual physician service provider conducting the IME should not be the same individual physician service provider subsequently performing health monitoring, and vice versa. The individual physician service provider can provide either an IME or monitoring services, but not both services for the same regulated member.

Ready to apply?

If you meet the outlined expectations and are interested in conducting IMEs or monitoring, please reach out to HPCM using the contact form below.


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Who can be a service provider for physicians with health conditions?

If we become aware of a regulated member’s health condition, they may be referred to a third-party service provider for an independent medical assessment and health monitoring, if required.

Organizations with at least one regulated member on staff, or individual physicians who meet CPSA’s established and outlined criteria and competencies to provide independent medical examinations or health and/or biological monitoring services, with experience conducting guideline-driven, independent medical exams or biological monitoring, can submit their interest to CPSA’s Health & Practice Conditions Monitoring program to be a service provider.

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If my health condition requires assessment and monitoring, how much will it cost? Who is responsible for the costs?

Any costs associated with independent medical examinations, health and/or biological monitoring  are set by the third-party service providers, CPSA is not involved in the determination of fees. The Alberta Medical Association has a guideline for uninsured services fees.

As per the Continuing Competence standard of practice (clause 16), these costs are the responsibility of the regulated member.

Interested in becoming a service provider? Contact HPCM.

Phone: 780-969-5021
Toll-free: 1-800-320-8624 (in Canada)

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