Annual Renewal Tips

Five easy tips to get ready

  1. Make sure we have your unique email address–one that you check regularly. This is how you’ll receive renewal notices. You also need this same unique email to complete your Renewal Information Form (RIF). Update your email in the CPSA Portal or notify us by using the contact form below to send us an email.
  2. Set up a personal reminder. Although we send you reminder emails, these can be missed, bounced back or make their way to your junk mail. Even if you don’t see the email notice, you’re still responsible to renew on time.
  3. Add to your email contacts. If we are on your list of allowed senders, CPSA notifications will not end up in your junk mail.
  4. If you have a professional corporation (PC), remember PC renewal is a separate process with a separate form and fee. For PCs with multiple shareholders, only the designated physician will see the PC renewal information. Once completed, the PC permit and receipt will be posted to the practice profile of all shareholders.
  5. Sign up for our Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan if your renewal includes paying a fee. When you enrol in PAP, we’ll automatically withdraw your fees in full each year. But don’t forget, you still have to complete and submit your RIF. You can also pay online by credit card. If you’re mailing a cheque, we need to receive it before your renewal deadline. Mail it in early.

Last year, 608 physicians and 615 professional corporations missed the renewal deadline! We want to reduce these numbers, and help you avoid a late fee!

While you are completing your RIF…

  • Use a PC or Laptop. Our online renewal process is not yet optimized for cell phones or tablets.
  • Complete your renewal from your home computer. Some organization’s internet security is set too high to complete your RIF. Also, some browsers work better than others. Find one that works for you.
  • Save your responses. If you need to sign out before you are done, click “Save and Continue” to save your data you’ve already entered.
  • The RIF will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity to protect your information. You will have to log in again to continue and re-enter any unsaved data.
  • “Previous” or “Save and Continue” button doesn’t work? Check for error messages. Some fields are required and must be completed before you can move to another section.
  • Pre-populated data. Some fields may automatically display data we have on file. Please review all fields for accuracy and pay particular attention to blank fields.
  • Font size too small? Use the zoom setting in your browser menu to enlarge the font size.

Questions about your renewal?

Toll-free: 1-800-320-8624 (in Alberta)

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.