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  • CPSA welcomes all pitch ideas, however, the most timely and relevant articles and FYIs will be given priority.

Article guidelines

Articles must be:

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  • from programs or organizations CPSA collaborates with or supports, or
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FYI guidelines

Have relevant news, resources or an event you’d like to share? We welcome submissions for the FYI section of The Messenger. Submissions should be 50 words or less, of interest to Alberta physicians and/or related to Alberta’s health care system.

The Messenger does not accept advertising or job postings and will promote only those events, resources and submissions that meet our editorial standards.

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2021 Messenger publication schedule

Issue Pitch deadline Completed Article/FYI Submission Deadline Distribution
January (Issue 280) Dec. 30  Jan. 5 Jan. 14
February (Issue 281) Jan. 27 Feb. 2 Feb. 11
March (Issue 282) Feb. 24 March 2 March 11
April (Issue 283) March 24 March 30 April 8
May (Issue 284) April 28 May 4 May 13
June (Issue 285) May 26 June 1 June 10
July (Issue 286) June 23 June 29 July 8
August (Issue 287) July 28 August 3 August 12
September (Issue 288) Aug. 25 Aug. 31 Sept. 9
October (Issue 289) Sept. 29 Oct. 5 Oct. 14
November (Issue 290) Oct. 27 Nov. 2 Nov. 10
December (Issue 291) Nov. 24 Nov. 30 Dec. 9
January 2022 (Issue 292) Jan. 6 Jan. 11 Jan. 20

2022 Messenger publication schedule

Issue Pitch deadline Completed Article/FYI Submission Deadline Distribution
January (Issue 292) Jan. 6  Jan. 11 Jan. 20
February (Issue 293) Jan. 26 Feb. 1 Feb. 10
March (Issue 294) Feb. 23 March 1 March 10
April (Issue 295) March 23 April 5 April 14
May (Issue 296) April 27 May 3 May 12
June (Issue 297) May 25 May 31 June 9
July (Issue 298) June 29 July 5 July 14
August (Issue 299) July 27 Aug. 2 Aug. 11
September (Issue 300) Aug. 31 Sept. 6 Sept. 15
October (Issue 301) Sept. 28 Oct. 4 Oct. 13
November (Issue 302) Oct. 26 Nov. 1 Nov. 10
December (Issue 303) Nov. 23 Nov. 29 Dec. 8
January 2023 (Issue 304) Jan. 5 Jan. 10 Jan. 19

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