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Non-AHS Community Physician Advisory Group update: community providers who receive patients’ reports electronically

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July Messenger 2022 | Posted July 14, 2022
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AHS electronically delivers patient information to providers at their private community practices using a system called “eDelivery.” With Connect Care Launch 4 in May 2022, there have been changes in information delivery to community providers, resulting in questions. To help answer these questions, AHS has developed a summary guide, which is now available online.

Additional information and resources related to electronic patient information distribution are available on the AHS website:

Providers experiencing disruptions to their results and reports delivery can contact AHS by calling the AHS Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300. Please select Option 1 for Clinical Applications, and then select Option 1 for Connect Care.

When contacting AHS, please provide a phone number that will be available for a callback. Please also include provider name(s) and Prac ID number(s), patient ULI, the full name and location of your clinic, and specific examples of the problem. Offering this detailed information significantly increases the speed and effectiveness of AHS’ ability to help.

Providers with questions regarding the above AHS publications are invited to email the Connect Care Provider Bridge at

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