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Now available: CPSA medical clinic registration

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January Messenger 2023 | Posted January 19, 2023
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At CPSA, we offer guidance to medical clinics on infection prevention, practice improvement, standards of practice and more, all aimed at supporting you in delivering safe, high-quality care to patients.

CPSA has launched a clinic registry to help us offer consistent guidance and support to medical clinics in our province.

Clinic registration is now available for all medical clinics across Alberta.

Who should register?

Your clinic should register with CPSA if:

  • At least one CPSA-registered physician practises in the location, and
  • Your clinic is not owned by Alberta Health Services or a federal authority.

Clinics that share space and resources with a CPSA-accredited facility should also register with CPSA.

Why should I register my clinic?

Registering your medical clinic helps us learn about your clinic and how we may support the physicians in offering high-quality health care to patients.

For new and existing clinics, you’ll connect with CPSA programs that equip you with the tools you need to be proactive in preventing infection risks, unnecessary costs and more. It’s also a chance for a procedural tune-up for existing clinics.

Registering your clinic with CPSA also demonstrates to patients your commitment to meeting high standards for quality and safety.

What are the benefits of registering my clinic?

Medical clinics registering with CPSA benefit from our clinic-based assessment services, including infection prevention & control and medical device reprocessing assessments, as well as Group Practice Reviews.

Plus, if you are opening a new clinic and you plan to offer insured services (AHCIP), you will need to register with CPSA before you can apply for a Facility Billing ID with Alberta Health.

Is there a fee for registering my clinic?

There is no cost to registering your clinic at this time.

How do I get started?    

Clinic registration is quick and easy. You can find a link to our registration tool at

Want to learn more?

In the coming months, we will provide updates on clinic registration as well as tips to help you strengthen your medical practice and respond to the evolving needs of Albertans.


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