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Micro-aggression training: coming soon to myCPSA

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June Messenger 2023 | Posted June 8, 2023
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A step towards CPSA’s commitment to anti-racism and anti-discrimination

Racism and discrimination are unacceptable, and in a healthcare setting, lead to negative care experiences for patients, and stress, burnout and exhaustion for healthcare workers.

CPSA has a responsibility to ensure patients have access to high-quality care that’s free from discrimination, and we believe healthcare professionals should also feel safe and supported in their workplaces. Unfortunately, these have not been realities for many. CPSA, along with many of our partners in healthcare, is committed to taking steps towards change.

For the past few months, CPSA, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) have collaborated on developing an online training course on micro-aggressions for Alberta’s physicians. Once launched, the course will be available in MyCPSA, the online learning platform accessible through your CPSA Portal.

The impact of micro-aggressions

Under CPSA’s Code of Ethics & Professionalism, physicians are required to accept patients without discrimination, and treat patients and colleagues with dignity and respect.

Micro-aggressions are everyday verbal and non-verbal slights, snubs or insults, communicating hostile, derogatory or negative messages towards people within equity-deserving groups. Even if unintentional, micro-aggressions cause harm to those who experience them, as they reinforce stereotypes and contribute to unwelcoming environments.

Not only are they harmful to individuals, micro-aggressions also compromise the integrity of the medical profession by sabotaging our ability to provide patients with quality care.

Becoming an active participant in change

By completing this training, physicians will better understand what micro-aggressions are, how to recognize them, why they are harmful and how to respond. Through a combination of education and practical scenarios, this course will help equip participants with the skills to identify, address and intervene in micro-aggressions.

We are confident Alberta physicians will take valuable learning away from this voluntary course and as a bonus, participants can claim continuing professional development credits for the course through the national colleges.

Keep an eye on your email

Physicians will receive an email from leadership at CPSA, AHS and the AMA once the course is live in MyCPSA. Please watch your inbox and contact with any questions.

We appreciate your commitment to ensuring safe care spaces for patients in Alberta.

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