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Consultation 026: Provide feedback on four standards

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Consultation, June Messenger 2023, Professionalism & Standards | Posted June 8, 2023
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We are seeking your valuable feedback on the standard amendments listed below before July 5, 2023.

Overview of standards under review

Establishing the Physician-Patient Relationship and Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship (proposed name change: Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship)

Responsibility for Medical Practice

  • The amendments reflect a recent change making medical directors of accredited facilities responsible for ensuring all CPSA regulated members have the necessary qualifications to provide care in their facilities.
  • Learn more about Responsibility for Medical Practice.

Restricted Activities

  • Due to feedback received that clause 7(b) of the Restricted Activities standard is limiting the provision of medical care in certain settings, clauses 4, 5, 9 and 10 have been added or amended to provide clarity around supervision of persons performing a restricted activity and situations in which supervision of regulated health professionals is allowed.

Please note: Only the newly-added clauses are under review and any feedback on the remainder of the standard will be retained for future review periods.

Your feedback is needed! Review the standards and proposed changes in full and learn more about Consultation 026 on our website. Provide your comments by July 5, 2023. Thank you in advance for your input.

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