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Should I use AI to complete my charts?

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Professionalism & Standards, September Messenger 2023 | Posted September 14, 2023
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Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, the way we generate text has changed dramatically. ChatGPT is an example of a large language model generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Such tools use very large data stores of language to generate new text according to mathematical associations rather than a formula. Generative AI tools are being used in health care, largely in advance of studies to assess their impact on the quality of patient care.

Third-party tools which generate chart notes from text input or from recorded patient interviews are rapidly entering the market. Marketing materials promise users decreased burnout and restored joy in medicine. Some regulated members have asked CPSA about the advisability of using such technology in the provision of patient care.

If using generative AI to support charting:

  1. Ensure the patient consents to the use of the technology/recording.
  2. Ensure patient privacy is protected.
  3. Exercise care to ensure that chart notes are accurate.
  4. Evaluate any suggested differential diagnosis for accuracy and bias.
  5. Appraise clinical decisions for medical soundness and thoroughly document them.
  6. Be aware that you remain ultimately responsible for the quality and integrity of your own assessments, documentation and recommendations with or without utilizing AI.

Until more information is available, members utilizing AI to generate chart notes are advised to proceed with great caution. Please access CPSA’s Advice to the Profession document for more information or contact to speak with a CPSA team member.

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