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A resource for your patients: Advice to Albertans documents

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Albertans, May Messenger 2024, Professionalism & Standards | Posted May 9, 2024
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When accessing medical services, Albertans deserve to feel confident in their health provider and understand what high-quality care looks like. Part of providing high-quality care to your patients involves meeting CPSA’s Standards of Practice.

With over forty of these Standards of Practice covering a wide range of clinical areas, Albertans may not have the time or capacity to read each standard and fully understand what to expect when receiving care from physicians and physician assistants.

In an effort to make standards as accessible as possible to the public, CPSA has developed several Advice to Albertans (AtA) documents. These documents present the most important information from the featured standard in a way that clearly states what Albertans need to know and how it applies to their care. They also help Albertans understand what might be expected from them when receiving care.

Advice to Albertans documents typically feature standards that are of particular interest or concern to patients. For example, the Personal and Sexual Boundary Violations AtA document provides information about why physicians cannot enter into close personal relationships with their patients, and how to navigate inappropriate behaviour during an appointment. CPSA monitors public sentiment regarding topics covered in our standards and develops additional documents accordingly.

These dynamic documents can be edited or updated for clarity at any time. We encourage regulated members to check our Advice to Albertans page frequently as more documents are developed and published to better support patients. We also encourage regulated members to share this resource with their patients to help keep them informed.

Learn more on our Advice to Albertans page

Questions about our Advice to Albertans documents? Contact CPSA’s Standards of Practice Advisor, Chantelle Dick, at

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