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Guidance for physicians working on contract in community clinics

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June Messenger 2023 | Posted June 8, 2023
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Thinking of joining a community medical clinic? Providing locum services for established community practices?

When a physician works on contract in a clinic owned by someone else (another physician, a private individual, a corporation, a pharmacist, etc.) there are key factors to consider. CPSA has developed a new resource with information to help guide physicians in these situations.

Highlights of a Guide to working as a contracted physician in a community medical clinic include:

  • Clarifying that professional and ethical obligations apply regardless of whether a physician is contracted or self-employed.
  • Understanding the medical-legal implications of contracts and the requirements of CPSA’s Standards of Practice.
  • Understanding the responsibilities of being the custodian of the information contained in a medical record, or an affiliate to another custodian.
  • The importance of Information Sharing Agreements and how to protect yourself and your patients if your contract is terminated.
  • Considerations for remuneration, conflict resolution and professional autonomy.

We encourage anyone practising as a contracted physician to review this guidance in full and reach out for support if needed.

Questions? Contact us at 1-800-561-3899 (in Canada) or email

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