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Dr. Marnie Hinton Award for Resident Physician Health

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October Messenger 2021, Physician Assistants, Physicians | Posted October 14, 2021
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University of Calgary announces most recent recipients

CPSA is proud to congratulate the following University of Calgary recipients of the Dr. Marnie Hinton Award for Resident Physician Health.

Dr. Amita Mahajan (2021 Recipient)

“Wellness is about creating an environment that is inclusive, compassionate, and about recognizing the hard work and individual struggle of each member of our community. It starts from the top and travels down. The single most important change in the culture of medicine has been the move towards ensuring representation at all levels.”

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Dr. Jovana Milenkovic (2021 Recipient)

“As physicians, we are given the great gift of being able to help our patients through some of their worst and best days. However, this gift comes with responsibility and at times lots of hardship. In order to provide great quality care and true empathy to our patients, physicians need to have wellness in every aspect of their lives.”

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Dr. Kimber Thornton (2019 Recipient)

“I am so grateful for so many of the strong mentors in my life who have also had a passion for advocating for both mental and physical wellness for learners at all levels and for staff. Now as staff, I am committed to making it a priority to continue to support initiatives that cultivate strong team dynamics, support networks, and resiliency techniques in our residency program.”

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We would also like to extend congratulations to Dr. Suhair Bandeali, another 2019 recipient. The University of Calgary postponed awards for the 2020 recipients due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Marnie Hinton, a long-time Alberta physician, dedicated her life to physician health. For nearly 25 years, she worked with doctors struggling with addiction through CPSA’s Physicians Aftercare Program, sharing her wisdom about healthy sobriety and even taking members to recovery meetings in her off hours. The Dr. Marnie Hinton Award for Resident Physician Health is awarded annually to medical residents who have demonstrated an interest in physician health. The award is jointly sponsored by CPSA and the Alberta Medical Association’s Physician and Family Support Program, with special thanks to Bennett Jones LLP for their generous contribution. See more about this award.

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