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CPSA Council 2022 year in review

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December Messenger 2022 | Posted December 8, 2022
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“At home, be grateful. At work, be appreciative. Gratitude is a gift we give ourselves. Appreciation is a gift we give to others.” – Michael Josephson

The past twelve months have gone by quickly, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served as CPSA’s Council President in 2022.

As a traditionalist, I am mindful of what CPSA was empowered and bound to do under what was then known as the Medical Profession Act in 1906: protect the health of the public by licensing and disciplining doctors and conducting a formal inquiry into any complaint against a registered physician.

As a realist, I am aware that self-regulation of the medical profession is a complex but key component for both protecting the public and enabling regulated members to hold one another to the highest standards of conduct. I am also aware that profession-led regulation has and will continue to face issues concerning its integrity and, in some instances, has failed to achieve its intended goals.

As an optimist, I can share with confidence that my past four years on Council and, more specifically, my year serving as Council President, has further strengthened my resolve in being hopeful. My expectations for good outcomes from CPSA’s Governing Council, the organization and our regulated members remain strong, and I know we will continue to play an important role in Alberta’s healthcare system. I feel proud and humbled to once again serve as Council Chair, a new title for this position as recommended during the Governance Review, in 2023.

Together, Council and CPSA achieved several milestones in 2022, including the approval of a new strategic plan; the completion of a governance review with recommendations for implementation; the advancement of our overall commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; and the growth of our Indigenous Advisory Circle and Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination Action Advisory Committee.

I would like to thank my colleagues on Council for their time and commitment to serving on Council, Council committees and working groups this past year. I’d also like to thank my colleagues on Council’s Executive Committee, Dr. Jaelene Mannerfeldt and Dr. Daisy Fung, for serving with a high level of integrity as Vice President and Member-at-Large. Dr. Mannerfeldt will continue in 2023 with the new title of Vice Chair and we look forward to welcoming Dr. Nicole Cardinal to the committee as Member-at-Large.

At the end of this month, Councillors Dr. John O’Connor, Ms. Linda McFarlane and Dr. Chris Fung will conclude their terms on Council, in addition to our medical student observer Chaim Katz. Thank you for your knowledge, passion and engagement on Council.

It has been such a positive experience to observe and participate in a small sampling of the various committee and group activities that occur daily amongst CPSA’s team. Their professionalism and high-quality work do not go unnoticed, and I am appreciative of the knowledge, expertise and dedication each team member brings to the organization.

In closing, I wish to show appreciation to our regulated members. Individually and collectively, you continue to illustrate leadership in actioning and supporting CPSA’s mandate, which is to protect the public by guiding the medical profession. Thank you for your willingness and resilience to evolve to meet the needs of your patients and the healthcare system. On behalf of Council, we offer this gift of gratitude.

As always, it is a privilege to serve.

Ms. Stacey Strilchuk
CPSA Council President

A woman with shoulder-length blonde hair posing for a portrait photograph. She is smiling while wearing a black shirt, orange blazer and a necklace. Stacey Strilchuk is a healthcare executive with over 25 years of experience in the government, healthcare and not for profit sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Alberta and has extensive leadership training in the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Model.

Upon leaving government, Ms. Strilchuk served as Executive Director for the Camrose Primary Care Network from 2008-2019 collaborating with patients, stakeholders, physicians, and healthcare professionals to provide enhanced team-based primary care. During this time, she also actively led and served on several provincial and national primary care initiatives and committees. In 2019, Ms. Strilchuk’s focus shifted to a healthcare system convenor role, supporting enhanced leadership and governance in the healthcare system, she is currently the principal and co-owner of 143 HealthCARE Consulting Inc.

In 2019, Stacey also commenced her appointment on the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Council where she held the positions of Chair of the Governance Committee and Vice-President of Executive Committee. At present, Ms. Strilchuk serves as the President of CPSA Council and has been given a second term starting in January 2023. She is committed to CPSA’s mandate of protecting the public and ensuring regulated members are consistently providing safe, high-quality care.

Ms. Strilchuk is a proponent of servant leadership and is thankful for the continued support of her husband Dan, a proud Alberta farmer, and their Labrador Retriever Bodhi (A.K.A. Walk Coordinator and Debrief Specialist).

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