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Panicked about PPIP? We can help.

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December Messenger 2022 | Posted December 8, 2022
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Before we tell you a little more about the Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP) and how to report PPIP activities, we at CPSA would like to take a few moments to acknowledge and appreciate all the work physicians and physician assistants have done and are doing to improve the health of Albertans. We know this is a very busy time of year and we appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

What is PPIP?

PPIP launched in January 2021 to help CPSA meet the provincial government’s mandate in the Health Professions Act, requiring regulators to ensure continuing competence in their members. Participation in PPIP is mandatory for all CPSA regulated members, who must complete two quality improvement (QI) projects and one personal development project over a five-year cycle, and report this on their CPSA Renewal Information Form (RIF).

What do I have to do?

Objective data is required for all three activities (see the table below for sources). For each activity, you must review the data and identify a gap or opportunity for improvement. Then create an action plan (we have a template on our website) and get started. Re-assess your progress at regular intervals to determine if your action plan needs to change. While facilitation is encouraged for all three activities, it is required for the personal development activity.

PPIP activity Data source
Practice-driven Data from your practice
CPSA’s Standards of Practice Data from assessing your practice with respect to a relevant CPSA Standard of Practice (SOP)
Personal development Data from feedback or a rating scale

Don’t panic!

There are three years left in our inaugural five-year cycle. You still have plenty of time to complete your PPIP requirements.

As a reminder, you can participate in CPSA’s Group Practice Review (GPR) or complete our self-directed Standards of Practice Metrics tools to satisfy the SOP activity, and you can sign up for MCC 360 to satisfy the personal development activity. Many members are already participating in QI or personal development activities as part of their regular routine, including through PCNs and through academic or other health care institution requirements—you may just need to formalize an action plan in order to meet your requirements for PPIP.

How do I report PPIP?

Your 2023 annual renewal period closes on Dec. 31. If you have finished any of the above PPIP activities in the last 12 months, be sure to report it when completing the PPIP section in your RIF. Please retain your action plan for at least six years in case you’re asked to verify your participation.

How can I find out more?

Visit our website and look for additional support and guidance from us in the new year. We are also always happy to present to groups and clinics. If this interests you, please reach out to us at to schedule a Zoom presentation, or we can potentially come to your clinic in person.

Hoping you are able to spend some time with friends and family during this last part of the year.


The PPIP team at CPSA

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