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The Brain Story in practice: Riley Park Maternity Clinic

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February Messenger 2022 | Posted February 10, 2022
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We know that patient care can fall within a very broad spectrum—anywhere from a patient presenting with cold or flu symptoms, to struggling with depression or chronic illness. While addressing even the more complex cases can seem straightforward in a treatment or pathway, not examining the whole picture, including past experiences, could unintentionally cause mistrust or inadvertently turn the suggested treatment into a band-aid solution.

Understanding trauma-informed care, brain development and the potential consequences for lifelong health is something some Alberta physicians have already started implementing through the Brain Story. As mentioned in November’s Messenger, you can join the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative in exploring Alberta physicians’ experiences with the Brain Story and how this foundational work continues to improve patient care.

Read about the Brain Story in practice: Riley Park Maternity Clinic

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