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MD Snapshot-Prescribing: Now with antibiotic data

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February Messenger 2022, MD Snapshot-Prescribing, Prescribing | Posted February 10, 2022
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Antibiotic resistance is a complex public health concern that threatens to make everyday infections a treatment challenge and reverse over a century of progress in healthcare and human development. Overuse of antibiotics can accelerate antibiotic resistance in the community and we must all do our part to avert that risk. In addition to data on opioid and benzodiazepine prescribing, your MD Snapshot-Prescribing now also provides data on key antibiotic prescribing measures.

Antibiotics play an important role in health care and we encourage all prescribers to review the data and reflect on whether your prescribing is appropriate for the needs of your patients.

Review your MD Snapshot-Prescribing now

In addition to your prescribing data, MD Snapshot also contains updated support materials and a new Prescribing Companion resource. Please watch your email for a feedback survey in the coming week, so we can continue making ongoing enhancements to this tool.

Questions? Please email or contact Fizza Gilani, Program Manager, Prescribing and Analytics & TPP Alberta, at

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