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Complete a PPIP activity, help combat antimicrobial resistance, or both!

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May Messenger 2024, MD Snapshot-Prescribing, Prescribing | Posted May 9, 2024
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There is so much you can do with your MD Snapshot-Prescribing data

Have you prescribed opioids, benzodiazepines/Z-drugs or antibiotics within the last three months? If so, your most recent MD Snapshot-Prescribing data is now available for your review in the Analytics section of your secure CPSA Portal.

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But what should I do with this data?

We’re so glad you asked! MD Snapshot-Prescribing is a tool for self-reflection and education—we encourage you to review and reflect on your prescribing data regularly. In addition to your personalized prescribing data, MD Snapshot-Prescribing contains information on patients who are on multiple medications within a category, or receiving prescriptions from multiple prescribers. You can also find resources within your CPSA Portal to support responsible, informed prescribing.

You can also claim CME credits for reviewing MD Snapshot-Prescribing! Learn how.

Use your prescribing data as part of a PPIP activity

Practice-driven quality improvement (QI) is one of the three activities required as part of meeting the requirements of CPSA’s Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP). Practice-driven QI involves using data (e.g., prescribing data) to identify opportunities for improvement in your practice, then developing an action plan on how you will implement those improvements.

Find out more about how to use MD Snapshot-Prescribing to complete a PPIP activity.

Help combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The misuse of antibiotics is a threat to global health, contributing to more than five million deaths annually. The World Health Organization’s AWaRe (Access, Watch, Reserve) classification emphasizes the clinical importance of antibiotics and encourages informed, appropriate prescribing to help reduce AMR.

Read our latest Prescribing Companion resource to learn more about how to make AWaRe part of your prescribing practice.

Questions about MD Snapshot-Prescribing?

We want to provide data and resources that are helpful to you and your practice. If you have any questions about or suggestions for the MD Snapshot-Prescribing, please email

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