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A Message from Your Council President: The Brain Story

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Council, November Messenger 2021 | Posted November 10, 2021

By Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, CPSA Council President

Read time: 2 minutes

Over the past couple of years, the majority of our COVID-19 efforts have been spent fighting the virus—and for good reason—but I think it’s imperative we take a step back when possible and look at how we can shift from reactive to proactive in preventing further health implications in the future. Vaccination remains a safe and effective way to prevent infection and help slow the spread, but how can we start to address the societal impact the pandemic has had on the population at large and, specifically, amongst our children and youth?

The science of the biology of adversity is transforming our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of health, including mental health and addiction. At this critical time, we need physicians more than ever to help patients and their families understand how experiences over the past two years have potentially further compromised health outcomes for children, youth and the adults who care for them. Our systems need to respond in a robust manner to mitigate and buffer toxic stress by addressing adverse childhood experiences and adult capacities to manage adversity throughout the life course.

Physicians play a critical role in imparting this important and valuable information to patients and families, and to further assist patients in seeking the proper supports that will build their resiliency. Since 2017, the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, through the Brain Story Certification Course, has systematically facilitated the knowledge mobilization of the science to over 46,000 frontline professionals and policy makers to improve practice and align policy to the science of brain development.

In partnership with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, upcoming Messenger newsletters will highlight examples of how Alberta physicians are implementing this foundational work. We encourage you to join us in learning about the brain development of our children and the potential consequences for lifelong health. Let’s start developing a healthier generation of Albertans that will be resilient and equipped to handle adversity, ultimately resulting in less interactions with health care throughout their lives.

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