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MD Snapshot: Prescribing Knowledge Has The Power To Impact Patient Care

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From Physicians, MD Snapshot-Prescribing, Messenger October 2020 | Posted October 13, 2020

How MD Snapshot-Prescribing helped one physician evolve his practice

CPSA began distributing MD Snapshot-Prescribing in 2016, to provide physicians with in-depth data on their prescribing and empower them to self-reflect and make positive changes to the care they provide patients. Dr. Richard Martin is a Family Physician from Grande Prairie and former CPSA Councillor. We asked him how MD Snapshot-Prescribing has impacted his practice. Here’s what he said:

When you first started receiving MD Snapshot-Prescribing, what was your reaction?

Even though I was “on the inside” (as a member of Council) during MD Snapshot-Prescribing’s development, my emotions to the idea of receiving this feedback was a mixed bag. I was hopeful it could better inform me but was also worried about what my prescribing data might say about my practice. I was also trying to avoid my innate paranoia about “oversight.” But mostly, I hoped it would be helpful.

How do you view it today?

I do think it’s helpful. It is very hard to truly keep all of my prescribing in my mind and I personally tend to underestimate my actual prescribing. It is helpful to have these reminders and this information to help me focus my attention in practice, even when my prescribing is safe, effective and in the best interest of the patient.

What difference has MD Snapshot-Prescribing made in your practice?

I find I have an easier time keeping track of opioid prescribing now (both doses and opioids/benzodiazepines in the same patient), because the prescribing snapshot summarizes the data for me. I don’t have to search the entire patient record during every encounter.

It has also made a difference in how I prescribe benzodiazepines to elderly patients. The prescribing data has helped me focus conversations with my elderly patients on weaning and exploring other options outside of benzodiazepines (such as non-medicinal options). MD Snapshot-Prescribing has helped me work out a better, more consistent message for patients surrounding the risks and benefits of using benzodiazepines.

What benefit do you think the prescribing reports can bring to a physician’s practice?

It provides a good overview of the higher-risk prescribing components of practice. We are all far too busy to practically see all these factors at every patient visit. We need tools to help make these issues noticeable, condensed effectively, readable and understandable in order to most effectively use this information to best inform patient care. My EMR can help, but not as easily as a summary via my prescribing snapshot.

This information is a gift. It is beneficial and saves me time while helping me improve the care I provide my patients.

Log into your Physician Portal and visit the Analytics tab to review your latest prescribing data.

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