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Now in MD Snapshot-Prescribing: Opioid-naïve data

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March Messenger 2023, MD Snapshot-Prescribing, Prescribing | Posted March 9, 2023
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Your latest prescribing data is now available in MD Snapshot-Prescribing. Alongside personalized, up-to-date information on opioid, benzodiazepine and antibiotic prescribing, additional measures on new opioid patients (i.e., those considered opioid naïve) are now available.

What is covered in the opioid naïve section?

This section includes prescribing information for patients who were prescribed an opioid in the previous quarter and have no available history of opioid dispenses within the previous 180 days.

The evidence base for factors associated with long-term opioid use has been growing. While most patients who are prescribed opioids do not use them long term, the consequences for those who do (e.g., tolerance requiring higher doses, sleep disturbances, immunosuppression, neuropsychological deficits, opioid use disorder and overdose, to name a few) can be significant. The opioid-naïve data in MD Snapshot-Prescribing can be used to proactively reduce opioid-related risks. Review our latest Prescribing Companion document to find out more.

Does CPSA want physicians to stop prescribing opioids?

No. We trust physicians to make good clinical decisions in the best interest of their patients. The individualized data within MD Snapshot-Prescribing offers physicians an opportunity to self-reflect, optimize prescribing and provide informed, high-quality patient care.

Where can I access my prescribing data?

Log into your secure, online CPSA Portal and visit the Analytics section to view your latest prescribing data.

If you have any questions, or are looking for support with your prescribing, please email

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