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How we’re transforming our approach to physician health monitoring

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April Messenger 2024 | Posted April 11, 2024
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The last few months have been a journey as we have shifted how we manage and support physician health at CPSA.

For many years, the Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP) has operated primarily in-house at CPSA to support regulated members with health conditions. With the introduction of updated provincial legislation, this had to change. We also took this opportunity to look at the methods of other physician health programs and safety-sensitive industries, to ensure our process is evidence-based and aligns with best practices.

Since late 2023, we have been moving towards a more hands-off approach to physician health, with fitness-to-practise assessments, health monitoring and biological monitoring transitioning to independent, third-party service providers. PHMP also underwent a name change as the program amalgamated into the Continuing Competence arm of CPSA, and is now Health & Practice Conditions Monitoring (HPCM).

As we’ve engaged service providers to do this work, we’ve also been working with physicians already participating in PHMP to transition their monitoring to third-party providers, as appropriate. This process is still ongoing and we appreciate the patience and cooperation of the physicians in our program as we finalize these changes.

This is a transformational process but our priority remains the same: to support Alberta’s physicians in providing safe patient care.

Please keep an eye on future issues of The Messenger and CPSA’s website for updates as this transition continues. If you have any questions about how CPSA manages physician health, please email

All regulated members continue to have a responsibility under our standards of practice to notify CPSA if they have a health condition that may impact their practice, or if they are aware of a colleague experiencing health challenges. Please review our applicable standards for more information:

Duty to Report Self

Duty to Report a Colleague

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