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Feedback Opportunity: General Surgery Clinical, Patient & Referral Pathways (Perianal Disease)

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April Messenger 2024 | Posted April 11, 2024
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The Provincial Pathways Unit (PPU) is requesting assistance from primary care providers in reviewing the pathways below. Please email feedback to

Perianal disease (hemorrhoids and anal fissures) clinical and patient pathways: 

  • The Provincial Perianal Disease Primary Care Clinical Pathway addresses all grades of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The pathway highlights key assessments and investigations, the importance of conservative management and provides guidance about when a referral to specialty care would be indicated.
  • The pathway includes considerations for colon cancer screening, trauma informed care and offers links to other relevant clinical pathways.
  • The accompanying patient pathway will be a resource that mirrors the clinical pathway and provides expanded information for patients to help address whole-person health considerations.

Provincial adult general surgery referral pathway: 

  • A new provincial referral pathway was co-designed with specialists, primary care providers, patient and family advocates, and AHS operations to ensure the appropriate amount of information is included throughout the referral process to triage the patient as quickly as possible.

Please provide feedback here.

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