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Updating our approach to physician health monitoring

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September Messenger 2023 | Posted September 14, 2023
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Find out how our Physician Health Monitoring Program is changing

CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP) works with regulated members who are presently experiencing a health condition that is negatively impacting their work to ensure they are fit to practise and offer patients safe, high-quality care. But in the near future, we’re shifting how we do this.

What’s changing?

Historically, CPSA has operated PHMP primarily in-house. Over the coming months, CPSA will transition health assessments, fitness-to-practise assessments and biological monitoring functions to external service providers.

Diagnosis, treatment and whether a regulated member’s health condition adversely impacts their ability to practise will be objectively determined by independent, experienced and trusted service providers. The service providers will provide CPSA with reports on fitness to practise and recommendations for practice accommodations and conditions, as required.

Impact on regulated members

There is no impact to regulated members. They continue to have a duty to notify CPSA of health concerns that may impair their ability to provide safe patient care—this has not changed.

Why the change?

In addition to ensuring compliance with recent updates to legislation, these changes align with best available and prevailing approaches to physician health programs in North America and best practices in safety-sensitive industries. Moving PHMP functions to providers independent of CPSA supports regulated members feeling more comfortable self-reporting and more inclined to seek support when they need it.

Privacy has always been an important part of PHMP, and this new process will further safeguard the confidentiality of a regulated member’s personal and health information.

Will this change put Albertans at risk?

No. CPSA will continue to protect patients and support safe, high-quality care. PHMP will continue to mitigate and monitor the impact a regulated member’s health condition has on the quality of care they provide to Albertans. CPSA will continue to govern regulated members in a manner that serves the public interest.

What’s next?

CPSA is working with our partners in health care to ensure a smooth transition of physician health assessment and monitoring functions. More details will be available in the coming months.

Physicians currently engaged with PHMP have been contacted directly about this change, and we will provide them with more information and details of how this will impact them.

Questions in the meantime? Please email

Due to the changes to PHMP and other position openings, there have been some shifts to CPSA’s Assistant Registrars. Please visit CPSA’s Leadership page for up-to-date positions.


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