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Professional Conduct reports – October 2023

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Discipline Decisions, October Messenger 2023 | Posted October 12, 2023
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Dr. Ian Gebhardt guilty of sexual abuse of a patient

A CPSA Hearing Tribunal found family physician Dr. Ian Gebhardt of Medicine Hat guilty of unprofessional conduct for breaching CPSA’s standard of practice on sexual boundaries.


Dr. Gebhardt was accused of inappropriate sexual touching against a vulnerable patient. After reviewing the evidence and hearing from several witnesses, the Tribunal determined the patient’s testimony was credible and found Dr. Gebhardt guilty of the allegations. The Tribunal’s written decision can be reviewed in full on CPSA’s website (please be advised, this decision contains descriptions of sexual language and sexual abuse).

Once in receipt of the Tribunal’s decision, CPSA’s Complaints Director applied to the Tribunal for an interim suspension of Dr. Gebhardt’s practice permit pending the determination of sanction. The Tribunal concluded it would not impose an interim suspension at this time and determined the duty to protect the public is satisfied with the current condition on Dr. Gebhardt’s practice permit, requiring he have a CPSA-approved chaperone present for all patient encounters.

Dr. Gebhardt has appealed the guilty finding, however no appeal dates will be set until the Tribunal has made a decision on sanction. The sanction hearing is currently scheduled for Feb. 7 and 8, 2024.

Since this offence occurred prior to the implementation of An Act to Protect Patients, Dr. Gebhardt is not subject to the mandatory sanctions for healthcare providers who are found guilty of sexual abuse.

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