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Professional Conduct report – February 2022

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Discipline Decisions, February Messenger 2022 | Posted February 10, 2022
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Dr. Yolanda Alcaraz-Limcangco guilty of unprofessional conduct

Dr. Yolanda Alcaraz-Limcangco, a family physician from Edmonton, was found guilty of unprofessional conduct by a CPSA hearing tribunal.

Dr. Alcaraz-Limcangco was charged with failing to participate in and complete an Individual Practice Review (IPR) with CPSA’s Continuing Competence department, as required by a Terms of Resolution agreement she signed with CPSA in 2018 to resolve a complaint.

The hearing tribunal found that by failing to participate in the IPR process, Dr. Alcaraz-Limcangco breached CPSA’s Code of Conduct and undermined CPSA’s ability to regulate its members and protect the public.

Read the hearing tribunal’s decision.

The tribunal will reconvene at a later date to consider submissions on sanction.

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