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New Advice to the Profession: Lab Requisitions

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Advice to the Profession, November Messenger 2023 | Posted November 10, 2023
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With competing priorities and limited time, we know how important it is for you to have the information you need when ordering lab requisitions. CPSA is pleased to release a new Advice to the Profession document for Lab Requisitions to provide you with guidance and support regarding this aspect of your practice.

Incomplete, insufficient or illegible information on lab requisitions can delay the processing and analysis of specimens, ultimately affecting patient care. As part of Alberta Health Services’ Connect Care roll-out, community-based providers and clinics must use provider and submitter identifiers when ordering lab tests and diagnostic imaging requisitions. Missing these important identifiers can greatly impact test result delivery, affecting regulated members and their patients.

Taking some time to follow proper documentation practices saves time in the long run and supports error-free lab test processing, efficient communication and improved patient care. This also helps mitigate patient risk and reduces the potential for complaints while improving the experience for healthcare providers.

To learn more about proper lab requisition practices, review CPSA’s Advice to the Profession: Lab Requisitions.

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