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Minister’s Health Award

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In the Community, Messenger October 2020, Partners | Posted October 13, 2020

On Sept. 29, Alberta Health announced a new annual award in health. The inaugural Dr. Peter B. R. Allen Lifetime Achievement in Health Award will recognize the outstanding contributions and extraordinary efforts Albertans have made over their career to advance healthcare in the province.

Nominations are open until Nov. 9, 2020. The nominees will be healthcare professionals who have dedicated their lives to improving the healthcare system and patient outcomes in the province. Eligible nominees may come from diverse backgrounds across all health sectors, clinical professions and designations. The nominee will have:

  • A strong connection to the medical community in Alberta and a demonstrable impact on the health of Albertans;
  • A lasting impact of contributions throughout their career;
  • Demonstration of leadership that focused on empowering and uplifting those who work on their teams;
  • Mentorship of emerging members of Alberta’s healthcare and/or life sciences sectors.

To be considered for the award, a nominee must be:

  • Someone whose career in health spans more than 20 years;
  • A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, residing in Alberta with substantial roots in the province and deep appreciation for its nature and people.

Further details regarding the award are outlined in the Alberta Health news release and on the award’s website.

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