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Improved patient care, one activity at a time

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June Messenger 2022 | Posted June 9, 2022
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Walk your path to improvement with the Physician Practice Improvement Program

Medicine is an ever-evolving profession, requiring physicians to commit to lifelong learning. CPSA’s Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP) supports physicians in accessing resources and information to make continuous quality improvement and personal development a regular part of their medical practice. The goal is to foster a quality culture within the profession, empowering physicians to continually strive for small improvements that can make a difference.

To meet the requirements of PPIP, physicians must complete each of the following three practice improvement activities at least once over a five-year period:

Not sure where to start? We can help!

Some physicians are already meeting PPIP’s requirements with their own improvement and development activities, or through involvement in bigger projects at a system level. The goal is to recognize the quality improvement and personal development work you are already doing or find activities that are worthwhile to your personal practice. Some activities physicians can consider include:

  • Reviewing your clinic’s EMR data to identify areas for improvement in your screening and administration processes, then creating an action plan to help you implement those improvements.
  • Improving your knowledge of CPSA’s Standards of Practice with our new Standard of Practice Metrics These self-directed, online tools will walk you through a review of your patient records, a self-reflection activity and development of an action plan.
  • Gathering personal development feedback from multiple sources by signing up for the Medical Council of Canada’s MCC 360 program, then reflecting on the feedback gathered to gain insight into the attributes of a communicator, professional, scholar, collaborator, health advocate and leader.

Already involved in an improvement activity?

Great job! Make sure you report your activity in the PPIP section of your annual Renewal Information Form. You do not need to share your results with CPSA, but hold onto any records or action plans used as part of the activity in case we require verification in the future to confirm your participation.

Want to know more?

Watch our quick, three-minute video and find more in-depth information about each of PPIP’s required activities, along with tools, resources and more at

If you’d like to confirm whether work you’re already doing meets PPIP’s requirements, or if you have any questions at all, send an email to

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