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From AMA: CII/CPAR – connecting physicians in new ways

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November Messenger 2020, Partners | Posted November 17, 2020

Almost 500 physicians have signed up for new technology

The Community Information Integration and Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) technology has allowed nearly 500 community-based physicians to submit select patient information directly to Alberta Netcare.

For specialty physicians working in community-based practices, this means easily receiving high-quality consult reports in front of all the providers caring for that patient.

“I believe every specialist clinic should be a part of this initiative as it can help bridge the communication gap between specialists, family physicians and other healthcare providers within the health system.”  – Advanced Cardiology Clinic Team.

CII technology works by transferring specific patient information directly from your electronic medical records (EMR) to Alberta Netcare. This makes your practice visible to other providers, improves continuity of care for patients, reduces duplicate referrals and is cost free.

As of Oct. 1, over 62,000 consults are now available in Netcare from community providers because of CII.

Want to learn more about what this technology can do for your practice? Visit the CII specialist webpage or contact:

Coupled with CII, the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) is a provincial solution used to share the confirmed relationships of a primary provider and their paneled patients. This means you can clarify your panel and receive timely notices directly in your EMR when your patients have a hospital admission, hospital discharge, Emergency Department discharge or day surgery.

All family physicians and pediatricians with a panel are eligible to participate in CPAR. Over 200,000 patient/provider relationships have already been declared and recorded in the system.

Read more on the CII/CPAR Web Page or contact

If you are a member of a PCN, talk to your PCN representative.

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