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From AHS – Important Information For Primary Care And Community Providers Related To The Impact Of Connect Care: Connect Care Identifiers

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December Messenger 2020, Partners | Posted December 15, 2020

*Please retain this information for your records*

Connect Care will launch Wave 3 at select sites in the Calgary and North Zones on Feb. 27, 2021. All community providers in Alberta need to take action so that laboratory, diagnostic imaging and other investigation results and reports are delivered to your office. As you soon as you receive notification from Alberta Health Services (AHS), you need to:

  • Use Connect Care identifiers on requisitions
  • Use updated requisitions to order laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging

If your practice uses eDelivery for electronic delivery of results to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), please confirm with your EMR vendor that your new identifiers have been uploaded to your EMR. If you do not use eDelivery, new Connect Care identifiers will be distributed by mail to your clinic before the Wave 3 launch. These identifiers must be placed on updated lab and diagno­­stic imaging requisitions so results are successfully routed to community practices.

Community healthcare providers continue to use their existing EMRs and other processes to manage patient information that is not part of the AHS record of care. Community practitioners are a huge part of any person’s care team. Thank you for learning about Connect Care and supporting patient care across Alberta.

For more information, please visit:

To contact Connect Care, please email

To update your provider information with AHS, please email

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