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CPSA expands sponsorship opportunity

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March Messenger 2024, Registration | Posted March 14, 2024
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Recruiting an internationally trained physician starts with sponsoring a position

On March 5, 2024, CPSA was pleased to announce an expansion of our sponsorship model to support continuous efforts in improving physician resources in Alberta. Sponsorship is a key step towards bringing internationally trained physicians into the province.

Since 2015, Alberta Health Services (AHS) has been the sole sponsor for physicians going through CPSA’s assessment process and into independent practice, basing available positions on areas of highest need across the province. While AHS-sponsored positions will continue to serve these communities, CPSA now welcomes individuals, organizations, corporations, and others with interest to apply to sponsor a family medicine physician position in their desired community.

“We know the current family medicine landscape in Alberta has left many patients without access to a primary care provider,” says Dr. Scott McLeod, CPSA Registrar and CEO. “Expanding our sponsorship model means that individuals or communities can now identify and fulfill the need for a family physician to serve their community by supporting the successful physician through their journey to independent practice.”

Sponsorship starts with identifying a family medicine position in a primary care clinic in the sponsor’s community of choice. Sponsors are responsible for recruiting physicians, which includes selecting the successful candidate to undergo CPSA’s assessment process.

Sponsors also play an integral role in financially supporting the physician from CPSA registration and assessments through to independent practice in the community.

While CPSA identified family medicine positions as the most immediate priority, we will be working toward expanding the sponsorship model to include specialty positions and eventually positions for any physician who meets CPSA eligibility requirements.

For more information on sponsorship, please visit our sponsorship webpage.

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