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2020 CPSA Council Election Results

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Council, November Messenger 2020 | Posted November 16, 2020

The results are in! CPSA’s new physician Councillors are:

Congratulations to Dr. Raj Sherman and Dr. Ian Walker! Both Councillors will begin their three-year term on Jan. 1, 2021.

CPSA would like to thank our two incumbent Councillors, Dr. Luke Savage and Dr. Kirsten Jones, whose terms will conclude at the end of 2020. Their contributions have been invaluable and we appreciate their hard work and dedication over the past three years.

Five new public members joining Council

Before April 1, 2021, the Alberta government will appoint five new public members to join CPSA’s Council. This addition will meet new Health Professions Act (HPA) amendments requiring at least 50 per cent public representation on councils, hearing tribunals and complaint review committees for all regulated health professions.

Once appointed, we will have 18 voting members on Council: nine appointed public members and nine elected physicians. However, this may be adjusted in the coming years.

Learn more about our new CPSA Councillors in a future issue of The Messenger.

Didn’t vote? Please take one minute to tell us why:

This year, 18 per cent of eligible Alberta physicians voted in the Council Election. If you did not vote, tell us why so we can improve our voting process. All responses are completely anonymous.



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