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Are you interested in sponsoring a position for recruiting an internationally trained physician to your community? Please complete this sponsor application form.

Expanded sponsorship rollout 

The expanded sponsorship model will be rolled out in phases:

  • Phase 1 (beginning March 2024): sponsors may apply to sponsor family medicine physician positions only
  • Phase 2 (anticipated in 2025): sponsors may apply to sponsor positions for physicians with specific high-demand specialties (specialties to be determined)
  • Phase 3 (anticipated in 2026): sponsors may apply to sponsor any position for physicians who meet CPSA eligibility requirements

Before you begin

Please have the following information ready to enter into this form:

  • your contact information
  • clinical oversight details, including the physician (or registered member) involved in the sponsorship arrangement
  • information about the sponsored position, including:
    • practice discipline
    • patient population
    • compensation
  • information about the medical home, including:
    • patient panel information
    • after-hours coverage
    • work with non-physician healthcare providers
    • patient screening

Once we’ve received your submission, we’ll be in touch to provide details about next steps.


If you have any questions before completing your application, please use the contact form below reach out to our Registration Assessments team.

Complete the sponsor application form

Before you begin:

  • Submit 1 application per location and list all positions you are requesting for that location on the same form
  • Watch for our reply within 2 business days to confirm we received your application
  • Do not submit any physician sponsorship forms until you are an approved sponsor

Applicants will receive an email within two business days confirming receipt of the application. CPSA will strive to complete the initial screening of the application for completeness within two weeks and the final adjudication of the complete package with a written decision within another two weeks; the total time should be about one month for applications that require little to no follow-up. If an application is incomplete and requires further follow-up during the initial screening, this will impact the timelines above. We anticipate that our process will be faster as time passes and we work to improve efficiency, as well as get through the large and enthusiastic initial volume of requests.

Please note: PRA assessors and supervisors are not eligible to be sponsors or be connected to sponsorship applications in any way (including as the clinical oversight regulated member). While any regulated physician may apply to be a sponsor/be responsible for clinical oversight of a sponsored physician, doing so requires a complete withdrawal from all PRA assessor/supervisor activities.

To support you, we have prepared an example of a completed application that contains all of the information that CPSA needs to make a decision.

  • Sponsor expectations

    This section outlines what CPSA expects from you as a sponsor.
  • If approved by CPSA, this position will be posted on (at a minimum). The sponsor is responsible for arranging this posting.

    CPSA is not responsible for immigration/work permit status for sponsored positions.

    As a sponsor, you are expected to meet the following conditions:
    • Orientation support: sponsored physicians must be adequately oriented to the practice, including electronic health records, clinic and other practice settings, and cultural sensitivity.
    • Legal advice: the sponsorship contract specifies that the candidate for the sponsored position will be offered the opportunity to access independent legal counsel for review of any contractual obligations that may be made to the sponsor.
    • Integrated paneled patient care (not walk-in or episodic care): sponsors must demonstrate the current patient panels that are not attached to a family physician and are to be assigned to the sponsored physician. Information (PCN sources and similar) supporting the need should be provided.
    • Reporting: HQCA report, quarterly confirmation of chart review for first year from clinical lead, performance evaluation confirmation.
    • Evidence of Alberta Health billing relationship (fee for service or alternate payment models as applicable).
    • Ability to provide names for practice supervisors: CPSA will continue to arrange for assessors required for a Preliminary Clinical Assessment.
    • Sponsored physician maintains membership in CMPA/other liability insurance.
    • If returning sponsor then update contract with addendum.

    CPSA may require that the sponsored position will include appointment with Alberta Health Services/Covenant Health (alternative as determined by CPSA, appropriate to the community setting) to support the provision of care in related areas (one or more of acute inpatient care, long-term care, urgent/emergency room care as examples).
  • Sponsor information

  • Contact information

  • Individual submitting the application
  • if applicable
  • if applicable
  • Financial requirements

  • Once we have received your sponsor application, we will contact you to pay the non-refundable $3,500 (+GST) application fee.

    If your application is approved, you will also be responsible for costs associated with sponsoring a physician through the practice readiness assessment (PRA).

    Note: additional financial requirements may be identified in the sponsor contract.
  • Clinical oversight

  • We need a current, active, in good standing physician who is on CPSA's general register to be involved in and be responsible for identifying and supporting the sponsored physician's professionalism.

    If you are a physician applying, please provide your registration number below.

    If you are not a physician, please provide the name and registration number of the physician who will be involved in your sponsorship.

    The physician you identify below will be contacted by CPSA to confirm their awareness of their sponsorship responsibilities.
  • About the sponsored position

    The new few questions ask for details about the position(s) and how they will support the patient population.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Reference clinical outcomes and objective data in supporting your intended purpose. (E.g., data drawn from PCN or CIHI sources)
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 7.
  • Describe any facility-based on-call requirements, such as through an emergency department, urgent care clinic or other after-hours requirements.
  • Salary, FFS, ARP or similar
  • Medical home model

    The next few questions are intended to help CPSA understand how this position will support the medical home model for primary care delivery.
  • Signature

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Privacy Notice: This information is being requested under the authority provided by Section 8.2(3) of Schedule 21 of the Health Professions Act. CPSA collects, uses and/or discloses your personal information with your consent or as authorized or required by law and in accordance with our Privacy Statement. We collect and use your personal information in order to support the business of CPSA, specifically to protect the public and guide and regulate our members.
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Questions about sponsorship?

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