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Thank you from the CPSA Public Member Councillors

Council, May Messenger 2020 | Posted May 13, 2020

Dear physicians,

As wives, mothers, grandmothers, proud Albertans and public members of CPSA Council, we welcome the opportunity to thank you, Alberta’s dedicated physicians, for the tremendous work you do every day and especially during these challenging circumstances.

We value the dedication, knowledge and skills as well as the care and compassion you give to all Albertans. We recognize how stressful this pandemic is for physicians and the incredible sacrifices many of you are making. Please know we care about and are concerned for your wellbeing, and we appreciate all you do to keep us and our fellow Albertans safe and healthy.

Before becoming public members of CPSA Council, many of us did not fully realize the incredible effort and dedication needed to become a physician and provide the best care to people they don’t even know. After serving on CPSA Council, one thing we all know for certain is Alberta’s physicians believe and take every word of their Oath seriously. All of us are inspired by your willingness to step into the fray of providing care and support for the sick during a pandemic.

It is for the greater good and with gratitude for all healthcare workers that we stay home. If physicians and other healthcare staff have to risk their own health and the health of their families to look after others, staying home is the very least we can do in appreciation.

We thank you for your hard work and bravery in the face of this public health crisis. We, and all Albertans, are cheering you on.

With respect, gratitude and appreciation,

Your public members of CPSA Council

Levonne Louie
Linda McFarlane
Laurie Steinbach
Stacey Strilchuk
Kate Wood

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