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Telemedicine, Continuity of Care & Episodic Care: consultation is now open

Participate in consultation 021 by Oct. 20
Consultation, Standards of Practice | Posted September 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic means more healthcare professionals than ever are using forms of virtual care. As a result, many regulatory bodies across Canada, including CPSA, are in the process of updating their standards to support this evolving way of providing patient care.

Proposed amendments to three CPSA standards of practice relating to virtual care (TelemedicineContinuity of Care and Episodic Care) were approved by Council for consultation at their September meeting. Consultation 021 opened Sept. 20 and will close on Oct. 20.

We understand many in the healthcare community are facing difficulties due to COVID-19. If you are unable to participate in our consultation before the closing date, please email so we can consider options that will still allow you to provide your feedback.

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