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Representation opportunity – Provincial Health Information Data Governance Committee

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November Messenger 2020, Partners | Posted November 17, 2020

There is an opportunity for a practising physician to represent the profession (AMA and CPSA) on the Provincial Health Information Data Governance Committee (HIDGC).

HIDGC is advisory to the Minister of Health and is responsible for providing strategic input and policy advice in matters that pertain to health information management (see Terms of Reference).

Interested physicians are asked to submit a cover letter and an abridged curriculum vitae (see government template) indicating their relevant qualifications, experiences and achievements to Laura Pawluk at

Key characteristics of the successful candidate may include, but are not limited to:

  • a keen interest in health information policy and governance;
  • credibility within the profession; and
  • success in working collaboratively in a dynamic group setting.

The successful candidate will also be invited to sit as a member on the AMA’s Informatics Committee, which provides issues management coordination and policy advice to the AMA Board.

As this is a ministerial committee, the committee appointment will be made by the office of the Health Minister. Three short-listed applications will be determined jointly by the AMA and CPSA and forwarded onto the office of the Health Minister.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vic Taylor at

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