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Planning to make changes to your medical practice?

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March Messenger 2023 | Posted March 9, 2023
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At some point in your career, you will likely make changes to your medical practice. This might be the result of a life change, like becoming a parent or retiring, or a change in the scope of your medical practice.

If you’re considering making a change to your medical practice, or you already have, it’s important to let us know.

Changing your scope of practice?

If you’re already practising medicine in Alberta and would like to add a new medical service to your practice, you can let us know by applying for a change in scope assessment. We will review your application and let you know if you need an assessment and additional training before you offer this new service to patients. You would be responsible for any associated costs.

Moving your medical practice?

If you plan to relocate your practice, you must notify us at least 45 days before you move by completing the Notification of Change form in the CPSA Portal.

Closing or leaving a medical practice?

Every regulated member has the right to close or leave a medical practice or to change their pattern of practice based on personal priorities, financial considerations, health conditions, retirement or a variety of other reasons. As outlined in CPSA’s Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice standard, when you close or leave your medical practice, you must take reasonable steps to place patients under acute and/or active care with another healthcare provider. What’s reasonable will depend on the reasons for the practice closure, patient needs and the healthcare providers or health system resources available in the community. This does not require a replacement be in place prior to departure.

You must notify CPSA at least 90 days in advance of closing or leaving your medical practice by completing the Notification of Change form in the CPSA Portal. Please also review the Closing or Leaving a Medical Practice standard for other steps you must take as you wind down your practice.

Not engaging in clinical services for 6+ months?

If you have an active practice permit but are not engaged in any clinical work for at least six consecutive months, you may qualify for CPSA’s non-clinical register. Clinical work refers to providing medical services or advice directly or indirectly to patients, including writing prescriptions and ordering diagnostic tests.

Examples of situations that may qualify for the non-clinical register include:

  • taking parental leave
  • performing full-time administrative work
  • teaching full time

Registered members who have sanctions under Part 4 of the Health Professions Act (suspension, withdrawal from active practice due to a complaint) do not qualify for the non-clinical register.

If you will not be engaging in clinical services for six or more months, please let us know at

Questions about changing your practice?

If you are planning another type of change to your medical practice, or you have questions about how changes may affect your registration, please let us know—we’re happy to help.

Email your questions to

Do you work in a medical clinic?

Changes happen in medical clinics, too. We have prepared a stage-by-stage guide to help, whether you are opening, building or renovating a medical clinic.

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